Portable solar LED lighting solutions are available for hire on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.
This document is a cost benefit analysis, providing information on the benefits of solar versus diesel generated lighting.
The pricing chart is for the hire of 1 unit.

Day Hire $285 + GST
Weekly Hire $1050 + GST
($150 Per Day
Monthly Hire (30 Days) $3,750 + GST
($125 Per Day
Price Includes
1 Site Callout
Quarterly Hire (90 Days) $9,900 +GST
($110 Per Day)
Price Includes
3 Site Callout

Day Hire: Invoice will be issued on the final day of hire.
Weekly Hire: Invoice will be issued on the 7th day of hire.
Monthly Hire: Invoice will be issued on the final day of each calendar month.
Quarterly Hire: Invoices are to be paid in monthly installments (e.g. $3,300 per month), these will be issued at the end of each calendar month.

Call outs will be charged at $200 + GST for any breakdowns caused by misuse or damage caused by the operator of the machine.
Any issues deemed to be machine failure will not be charged.

Two options are provided for on-site set up
Brief site training provided to operators for either chosen option*
1) Machine is set by our technicians to turn on and off at your set time of day/night. Call out fees apply if this is to be changed.
2) Machine is set to be on manual, where lights will be turned on / off by operators on site. (please note, misuse and damage can occur if not operated correctly)

NOTE: Any damages incurred whilst on your site and under your hire will be invoiced to yourself as an additional cost.
Insurance excess of $5,000 will be charged to you in the case of theft from your site whilst under your hire.